AMR Aparment

A sanctuary of modernity and functionality, where every inch is designed to elevate the daily living and seamlessly integrate with the pulse of the city.

The Amira project is a great example of our ability to connect high quality 3D rendering to functional and modern living space designs. The designer focused on improving the flow of the space and tailoring it to the owner's habits and needs, we ensured to capture it on the 3D render of the design. The open-space format of the kitchen and living area are the highlights of this project.

Our team also paid special attention to the lighting solutions, carefully selecting solutions that would enhance the overall design and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The integrated space distribution allows for a seamless flow throughout the apartment ensuring consistency between spaces. The kitchen design is modern yet eclectic, featuring a unique combination of materials and colors that add character to the space.

This project is a good representation of our ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients and we are proud of the positive feedback we received from the client.

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