Mountain Villa

An original Concept Project, a house done to be a part of the woods.

An original Concept Project, a house done to be a part of the woods. Warm, large spaces blend within the forest in a mountain environment.

One of the types of villas that definitely dazzles the eyes of every viewer is the Mountain villa. Forest environments with untouched nature is one of the suitable places to build a home for a person who loves the serenity, the peace, the tranquility of forests.

In order to achieve a minimal environmental intervention, the house sits on a base that allows wild flora to grow through it. The distribution of the house obeys two concepts. First, "family vacations" and the need for both large meeting spaces and places with total independence from each other. To achieve this, the house was structured on two stories, one has wide open spaces, while the other has private rooms for each visitor to enjoy time alone.

Regarding materiality, the project's starting point was the idea of a burned log, where the bark protects its interior. Extrapolating the image to the house, the metallic cladding protects the wood of the facades and the pine of the interior walls. The house is made up of a concrete base that absorbs the slope of the land, allowing the the forest to pass through and at the same time isolating the floor from the humidity of the soil. There are a series of prefabricated wooden panels and frames that configure the structure and geometry of the house.

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