Taste of the Wild

In 2007, the production of the ‘Sanpetru Sere’ warehouse had stopped working and the building was abandoned.

The new proposal focuses around the idea of transforming the old warehouse into a Dog Hotel, whilst preserving the original aspect of the construction. Thus, an overhead crane is brought into the building to guide and relocate the dog living modules which it incorporates. The design process started with the research for a modular shape to create the accommodation for pets. The living modules are based on spontaneous reconfigurations and these elements are designed to continuously change their position. They will not be pre-programmed, instead they will change their position in relation to the needs of the space. In order to make this possible, the design includes a bionic arm guided through artificial intelligence which functions based on k-means clustering and temperature values interpretation systems. This offers a unique experience not only for the dogs, but also for their owners.

The modular idea of the design continues on the façade of the existing building, which is populated with an additional layer of hexagonal openings. This allows an easier module transition from interior to exterior space when needed. It follows the shape of the existing building, and extend the modules into the adjacent road to create urban furniture. On the opposite side of the building, an intimate courtyard with green spaces is also created for the pet inhabitants by the hexagon modules.

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