The Green Citadel

The Green Citadel could become a microstructure of spaces and places.

In NTX's vision, the future of the hills in Brasov are a flexible, multifunctional area that can accommodate the future challenges for the city in a layered way. The Green Citadel could become a microstructure of spaces and places, where programmes are stacked for a multitude of functions and uses. This approach embraces the complexity of a park in the modern city and transforms it into a vibrant and generous place.

As a result of a balanced mix of living with work, social and shared facilities - alongside the addition to the commuter flows over the Citadel - a sustainable mini-ecosystem ensures that the area will remain lively and valuable from now on. To ensure that the Citadel is a desirable place to be for existing and new residents, as well as passers-by, it is advisable to add qualitative supplementary levels to the primary level of housing, such as cafes, exhibition areas, workspaces or spa & fitness.

Large shared roof terraces offer further room for social interaction for the residential community. The roof gardens provide a variety of activities, such as collective gardening and an aquaponics greenhouse, while the gardens can be fertilized from a shared composting machine.

The physical health of the residents is stimulated by the spacious centrally positioned courtyard. In the interior of the residential building, the stairwells are all prominently positioned, with daylight flowing in from the courtyard. Other publicly accessible areas include a cafes and restaurant where a healthy meal can be enjoyed, the sports club, the exhibition spaces where local artists are promoted and of course the park and the courtyard. All of these are places that enable social interaction. In terms of functionality, the interaction between the building and the park is of great importance. For example, the sports club's fitness programme extends to outdoor activities in the park, such as bootcamp or yoga and workout.

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